Making gobar incense sticks

Dhupam Arghrpayami means of all forms of worship, lighting of incense is given prime importance in our culture. It is related with cleansing of air, control of pollution, balancing of environment, deep breathing, protection of health, destroyer of disease germs and mental peace. The dhoop (thick incense) recipe given is as per scriptures. It should be made from natural pure ingredients. No chemicals should be added.
Ingredients: –
Wet cow dung: 1000 gm
Wooden fine powder or saw dust: 500 gm
Cow ghee (clarified butter): 200 gm
Rice: 200 gm.
First mix all the above except cow dung in order to make a dough. Then mix cow dung and nicely knead this mixture. Then take a pipe (of any material) or any dye (as you want the shape of sticks to be made). Get a wooden stick of appropriate size to push the paste inside the pipe. Then wet the above mixture and put the material in pipe and push with a wooden rod of same shape. Thus they will form in size of thick sticks. Put the wet sticks in sun for drying. Make sure all the sticks are dried completely otherwise the incense stick might not burn continuously. Pack the dried sticks in a box and they are ready to use.