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Ananda Mela is the largest festival in the Northwest showcasing the diversity of incredible India since 2010. It is a FREE outdoor festival held at the Redmond City Hall campus, drawing around 20,000 attendees over a glorious summer weekend. We need lot of volunteers to help us to make the event successful.

Volunteer Guidelines

General guidelines for Anandamela volunteers:
1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled volunteer time slot.
2. Check-in at Volunteer check-in booth and kindly collect your T-shirt
and badge.
3. If you are not able to come, please inform your booth lead. Try to
inform before plenty of time.
4. In case any first aid needed, please go to Volunteer check-in booth.
5. Volunteers will be served free food only at Volunteer's food booth.
Other food booths will remain paid for all.
6. Better to wear closed toe shoes as you might be standing long period
of time.
7. Better to bring your own hat to protect from sun.

Guidelines for Anandamela food booth volunteers:

1. Before starting Food booth volunteer work, wash your hands at
designated hand washing stations.
2. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and dry them with paper
towel and then wear new gloves.
3. After using restroom wash your hands, there is separate hand washing
station next to restroom. And before starting Food booth volunteer
work, you will need to wash your hands again at designated hand
washing stations near food booths.
4. No bare hand contact with ready to eat food.
5. No kids are allowed in any food booth tents or cooking or serving area.
Except Ice Cream booth.
6. No friends or family members are allowed in food booth tents expect
designated food volunteers.
7. Food volunteers are not allowed to eat, drink in food preparation and
serving areas.
8. If you are sick, then please stay away from food booths volunteering.
9. Please talk to your booth lead for any questions.