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Vedic Village

Experience the original arts of Indian culture & hands-on activities for kids and adults in our Vedic Village. Enrich yourselves with eternal vedic wisdom.



India is a land of spices. Spices are an integral part of Indian cuisine. In this activity you can make a blend of the spices and make mixes lke - Biryani Masala, Curry Powder, Chai Masala etc.,  Experience the aromas of the spices and take home with you the blends you make in the mortar pestle. 

Aroma Therapy


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants for healing. Experience the aroma of our wide collection of organic essential oils. Take home an incense dipped in the essential oil of your favorite choice to enhance your mood or relieve your stress.

Flower garlands & Flower Jewelry making


Flower garlands and flower jewelry are a big part of Indian Weddings. Learn the art of making garlands, chokers, ear rings, bracelets and crowns with fresh flowers from expert flower jewelry makers and adorn yourself with the exquisite pieces you make. 



The art of applying henna in hands and feet is known as Mehendi and it is a very old custom and ancient art form of the Asian subcontinent. Henna is applied in various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, religious events, anniversaries, and other memorable occasions. However, it is most prominently use in Indian weddings which are incomplete without the mehendi ceremony. The ritual of mehendi ceremony is followed in every part of the country where the hands of the bride and groom are adorned with the lovely red color of the mehendi. Get your hands decked with henna at AnandaMela!

Gopi Dots / Face Painting


Body painting and face painting have been practiced in Indian culture since ancient times. It is a ritual in Indian villages in their religious festivities, dance and drama. Designs for both adults and kids are made available and are done by expert artists!

Face masks decoration


Kids can have fun decorating a carnival masks with paints, stickers, feathers etc.,

Rock Painting


Rock art has great spiritual and social importance and has been one of the ancient art forms. Rock art helps children with practicing and gaining fine muscle control and strengthening eye-hand motor coordination. Bring your child and help them make a rock art or pick a rock and start painting yourself!

Bracelets Making


Learn the art of making bracelets with different varieties of beads and jewels!

Gumdrop Structures


Build a structure with Gumdrops and toothpicks and get scientifically challenged. An activity which heightens the creative juices of your child!

Cookie & Cup Cake Decoration


Get creative and decorate the cookies and cupcakes with icing and sprinkles. An activity which ends with eating a yummy delicious cookie/ cupcake decorated by you!

Play Dough Models


A step by step guided lesson will be given by our experts on how to make Ganesha and other lord forms. A fun activity for all the kids and just in time for the upcoming festivals.



Make a diya on the pottery wheel. Get your hands in to the clay and experience the earth! and create your own unique piece with the help of an expert potter. 



A Kundali entails the details about the positions of stars and planets at the time of your birth based on which further predictions are made, about different aspects of one's life like love, career, health, business, finance, and even marriage. Come and get your Astrology read by our expert Astrologist.



The game of chess was born in India during the Gupta dynasty in the 6th century. Today, more than 1500 years later, it is played in 172 countries. Chess is one of India's contribution to world culture, with games played in the court of kings, to those played in villages, and now, is a professional sport. Engage in a playing a game of chess at our chess booth this festival.

Walking with the pot


This game revolves around balance and coordination. Each individual is required to take a pot and balance it on their head while racing. The pot needs to stay on the individual’s head the entire time while they are racing. In the case that it falls, one is out. Come dress up and walk with the pot!

Continuous Kirtan


Come experience the blissful & soulful Kirtan and immerse yourself in the meditative sounds of the Harmonium, Kartals and Mridanga (Indian Instruments).

Goodness Cookies


Sharing cookies and spreading wisdom for free! Taste our delicious Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip cookies prepared with love and devotion, made for kids, by kids.

Fresh Organic Veggies


Freshly grown and harvested organic vegetables from our very own GOLOKA FARM in Redmond are up for sale. Grab some mouth watering greens, beets and squashes for cooking a yummy meal !

Vedic University


Learn about  Vedic university and the courses offered which teach the timeless wisdom for a significantly more fulfilling, peaceful and blissful life.

Vedic Wisdom/ Book Stall


Explore a rich variety of books of Vedic wisdom for both children and adults. 

Roti Hut - Fresh Chula roti making


Get the taste of roti made on a chulha, a traditional Indian clay cooking stove used for cooking. Smeared in Jaggery and ghee the roti is as authentic as it gets.

Balaji Procession/ Rath Yatra / Vitthal Procession


Inspired by the ancient Rath Yatra at Puri Jagannath and Rangannath Pallaki Utsavam in SriRangam in India,  we take the deities in Palanquins, Carts across the AnandaMela site among the chants and kirtans of the devotees.  This is how the lord gives his darshan to everyone who cannot come to him.



Cow milking can be a lot more fun than it looks! The cow is a sacred animal to the Vedic culture as she gives us milk which leads to the creation of many other essential foods. Thus, she nurtures our health and well-being. Come join us in milking a cow hands-on, an opportunity that you won’t find often! It is engaging, fun as the milk sometimes splatters here and there, and a memorable activity.



Mantra House is a community of spiritual seekers who are interested in practicing Bhakti Yoga. MH brings you weekly Mantra Music, Meditation, and Wisdom to nourish your mind, body, and soul.