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Date: July 30th 2018

Good afternoon Deepak,

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time last Saturday to personally inform, share and guide my mother and me around the different booths and areas of the festival.

While I have told my mother how beautiful and genuine the people I’ve met from India have been so far, it was very meaningful and special to have her experience it firsthand.

She came away feeling touched and very welcomed by all she came across. It was a totally different experience from other cultures we know, starting with our own, where we are generally more conservative and reserved.

I am even more convinced now that I definitely need to be forever connected to all things India   I cannot deny or dismiss the overwhelming feeling I have of warmth, happiness, joy and peace when I think of my experiences so far so I will enthusiastically look forward to learning and filling up my journal even more.

Thank you so much again for sharing such a wonderful, inspiring and tradition rich culture with us. It is very much appreciated!

Kindest Regards,


Date: July 28th, 29th 2018

I have been part of Ananda Mela from last 5 years, first as a visitor and admirer of the whole showcase of India, and then as a booth sponsor for my small business "Grand Simplicity". It is such an honor to be part of this esteem event, where people come to see culture of India and want to take a part of India with them. My home textile business sales increased from people coming  to Ananada Mela to have a feel of Mela and buy rich textiles from India for home decor. Ananda Mela has been instrumental in growing my business. Thanks a lot to the organizers!

Swati Agrawal

Grand Simplicity

Date: July 29th 2018

A notable feed back on the festival voiced by an American attendee was that  she found that  festival filled with "peace, happiness and large heartedness"! This audience response, in a nutshell, indicates the mission of VCC and the purpose of Anandamela!

Date: July 30th 2017

Dear Harivilasji,

My wife, Raji and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Ananda Mela.   Everyone is amazed at how well the function is organized and how well it brings together the community, the artists, and the teachers, as also all the other features and volunteers.   Your leadership contributions continue to be immense, and with the Lord's grace may it continue to be so.
We will be traveling from midweek to late August.   After we get back, we shall plan a visit to the Goloka farm.
Warmest regards and best wishes,
Dr. K. V. Ramanathan
Professor Emeritus and former Chairman
Department of Accounting
University of Washington Foster Business School, 353200
Seattle, WA 98195