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Anandamela Vendor Agreement

Booth Location

1. Booth fees are based on a 10’x10’ footprint.

2. All the booth locations will be determined by festival staff. Location is non-negotiable.

Booth Equipment & Power Requirements

o Vendors must stay within the booth space, including side awnings, walkways, etc.

o All tents must be appropriately weighted down and will be subject to inspection. Each end of the tent must be secured with a heavy weight like a concrete block/sand bag/ other equivalent height weight. Each tent will be inspected by the Redmond Fire Department, If each end of the tent is not firmly secured, the fire department MAY NOT allow the vendor to setup booth.


Restriction violations may result in immediate removal from the festival site as well as denial of entry into any future festivals.

o Vendors are not allowed to sell or distribute any kind of food at the festival.

o Vendors are not allowed to ‘rove’ or sell beyond their booth at any time.

o Vendors are not allowed to solicit funds or donations at the festival.

o Alcoholic beverages, amplified music or speaking, and televisions are not allowed on festival grounds without prior written approval from festival.

o The Festival reserves the right to restrict any activities that interfere with public access and/or Festival programming.

HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT: I, the Vendor, hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Vedic Cultural Center, the Anandamela Festival, the City of Redmond and all of their employees, agents, representatives and volunteers harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including attorney’s fees), judgments, and penalties arising out of (i) any third party claims concerning alleged defective products or merchandise manufactured, distributed, provided and/or sold by the Vendor; (ii) any act or omission to act of the Vendor, its employees, servants, and agents. I understand the Anandamela Festival and Vedic Cultural Center reserve the right to remove any vendors that they deem inappropriate to the Festival. I acknowledge failure to comply with the standards of being “suitable for all ages” may result in my removal from the Festival and jeopardize my participation in future Festivals. I understand that there are no refunds or rain checks due to inclement weather. In consideration of the 2020 Anandamela acceptance of my application, I agree to accept all decisions of the Festival Steering Committee as final. I agree to allow the Anandamela Festival use of enclosed promotional materials, as well as photographs and videotapes taken during the 2020 Anandamela Festival, for purposes of promoting the Festival this year and in future years. I also agree to allow the Anandamela Festival to release my name to the public for promotion. I understand that Vedic Cultural Center and the Anandamela Festival do not carry insurance to cover my personal property, merchandise, product, or equipment and that I store and present my product, merchandise and equipment at my own risk. I have read and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this application. I understand and agree by signing that any false statement will result in forfeiture of booth space and all fees.

Cancellation Policy:

A) 100% Refund - If we receive cancellation email on or before June 25th (4 weeks prior to the event event)
B) 50% Refund - If we receive cancellation email on or before July 11th (2 weeks prior to the event)
C) No Refund - If we receive cancellation email after July 18th.