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Yoga can be applied at various tiers in the modern world. The physical yogic poses have their roots in Patanjali Yogic system. Yoga for the body is primarily through asanas also known as Yogasanas. Yoga for the life force is through Pranayama or breathing exercises which allows us to suspend our soul in five types of airs – Prana vayu, Apana vayu, Samana vayu, Udana vayu and Vyana vayu. The breathing exercises reduce or eliminate the imbalances in these life airs or vayus to restore good health. Yoga for the mind is also achieved through a combination of Pranayama and recitation of mantras. 'Man' means mind and 'tra' means relief. A Mantra relives the mind from debilitating thoughts and uplifts the soul. Yoga for the soul is restoring the connectivity of the soul to the supersoul (param atma) to elevate the consciousness. When this consciousness is directed towards the supreme person and controller of all material and spiritual worlds it is called Krishna Consciouness.


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