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15670 NE 85th St, Redmond, WA 98052


+1 425 200 4273

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"Hare Krishna!
Thank you all for organising and letting Art of Gifting put up a stall at Ananda Mela this year.
It was a very wonderful experience.

I was wondering if you could share any pictures of our stall that were taken during the event.

Thank you!
Ramya from Art of Gifting."

"Good morning Sanjay

On behalf of the IAWW Seniors Program we would like to extend a big thanks to you for giving us
a booth at the Ananda Mela. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with Indian seniors that were
not aware of our program.

The Ananda Mela was impressive on many fronts; scale, number of attendees and vendors and
above all how smoothly it was run. Please extend our thanks to the many organizers.

Kind Regards

Pran & Rita "
"Thank you Ananda Mela for giving me an opportunity to explore the island of Oahu, Hawaii. It was
such a wonderful time for me to discover the genuine beauty of the island through its friendly local
people and tasty cuisine. Adding to that, visiting the International Society for Krishna Consciousness
temple made me feel deeply peaceful and welcomed by the generous hospitality of the members of
the temple. Mahalo! ("Thank you" in Hawaiian)"
- Hien (

Dear Harivilasji,

Raji and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at Anandamela.
Organizing such a large-scale event involving many constituents and multiple programs is clearly a
great challenge. Your leadership skills and the contribution of so many volunteers coordinated
under your vision and well-defined goals is a great lesson in management.

Let me echo the community's sentiment and offer my heartfelt thanks for your continuing contribution
to the community both at the secular and the spiritual levels.

Thanks also for the gift of the Mother Ganga text authored by Jaya Vijaya Dasa and the various other
booklets that you have compiled. Look forward to reviewing them all in the weeks ahead.

Please let me know what are some convenient dates when we can visit the new temple site and the farm.

Warmest regards.
Professor and Former Chairman of Accounting
University of Washington Business School
Seattle, WA 98195.

"Namaste! I'm Hien Ton and am a nursing student at Seattle University. This year is my first time attending
the Ananda Mela festival, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience for me. I'm originally from Vietnam,
yet I have fallen in love with Bollywood and Bhangra music, and I started learning the dance steps on Youtube
and practice them on my own. I believe that anyone can be a Bhangra dancer as long as we flow and let the
high energetic beats take us away. Balle balle!"

Best regards,
-Hien Ton-



2015 Festival Timings

Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Schedule will be posted in early part of July 2015

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Ananda Mela is the largest festival in the Northwest showcasing the diversity of incredible India. It is a FREE outdoor festival held at the Redmond City Hall campus, drawing around 20,000 attendees over a glorious summer weekend.